Where Did The Ego Come From?

Does the world manifest material complexity outwards, resulting in subtler layers of existence? Does it start from insentient matter which then becomes biological life that develops into sophisticated beings with specific senses, ego and finally this consciousness now reading these words while thinking I am reading? This sequence of unfolding is what we are told is true. But have you investigated it?

Let’s make a thought experiment. Imagine that the world grows inwards instead. Inwards in a field of pure potential. Like water freeze inwards when subjected to external cold. Like ice cubes form. Maybe the world begins with pure energy/ infinite consciousness which experience a simple wave of change (like cold for the water). Cold does not remove water, it just changes the molecular grid structure of water, we now call it ice, but it is still H2O (which, like all matter, is nothing but 99,9% emptiness and 0,1 % vibration of that emptiness). This illusion, that a part of water is no longer water, is nothing but a sensory perception, which gives rise to the words: water, ice, snow, etc. Now, if we imagine the beginning of everything as a clear expanse of infinite water. In it, a change, a primordial delineation appears to happen. A line of difference emerges. We perceive of it as real, just as we see ice as different from water. This first wave of apparent change is the non-biological sense of otherness. In humans we call the sense of otherness for ego.

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