Who do you think I am?

I am the iciness inhabiting winter winds beating against your door

I am the heat sitting still in the dancing flames of your sacred fire

I live inside the resonance of large brass bells you ring to appease the gods

I am the timid hint of fragile pink in a white rose petal you place at my altar

I am the deep inkiness standing vigil behind the violet of your flowing ceremonial garb

I speak in the clear ring of fine crystal glasses

I am the faint aromatic fragrance of dry grass floating from distant meadows

I am the shoal in the silvery fish, the herd in the grazing cattle, the parliament in owls and the murder in crows

I am the whisper of indigo in the pale summer sky after sunset

I am the light illuminating that colour from within

I am the distance to all stars

I am the stars

I am the heavens

I am quietness inside song

I am the roar within stillness

I am the dusk in your vision

You are the darkness in my eye

I am standing right before you

I am smiling patiently. Holding your gaze. Completely still

For an eternity we have stood like this

You think I am elsewhere.

I laugh.

You think you need to look for me

You think you are moving

Still, I know that one day you will recognize me

Why don’t you recognize me as me?

Don’t you want to go home?


Kaare Troelsen- Vijay Shyam April 2021

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