How are the free classes?

Kåre is like a deep well, full of fresh, healthy quenching water, his teaching is extremely generous, holistic, undogmatic, exploratory and heartwarming.

I only have roses and stars to give. Again, and again I will seek out this well, to get more of this healthy water in my dough as I knead into my everyday life and it becomes possible to go even deeper.

C. Joenson

”Kåre er som en dyb brønd, fuld af frisk sund læskende vand, hans undervisning er ekstremt gavmild, helhedsorienteret, udogmatisk, perspektiverende, undersøgende og hjertelig.

Jeg har kun roser og stjerner at give. Igen og igen vil jeg opsøge denne brønd, for at få mere af dette sunde vand i mit brød, efterhånden som jeg får det æltet ind i min hverdag, og det bliver muligt at gå endnu dybere.

C. Joenson

Meditating with Vijay is really simple, and the teaching is direct. He makes you feel at ease, walks with you, and gently guides you. Through it all he empowers you to step out of your mind’s storm by asking you to simply watch it from the outside.

Dr Rina Dedhiya

“Guided meditation with Kaare teaches you a life practice of how to become the observer of yourself. I use awareness to be the observer. I practice observing my thoughts, feelings, and sensations without reacting to them. Through being the observer, I practice acceptance, and non-self-judgment. Being the observer is also a chance to deconstruct ideas, beliefs, and perceptions of who you think you are.”

Uzi H.

So good to meet, sit, look, listen, talk and learn.
It is great. – so simple and so rich.

C. Joenson

“Kaares meditation er voldsomt generøs, ligeledes er hans afslappede, glade velkomst og hans rare lokale.
Kaare underviser meget generøst og giver så fint tid og rum med meget varme, meget visdom, mange befriende tanker og mulighed for ægte fordybelse, uden dogmer.

Definitivt, Thumbs Up! Virkelig dyb optur, hver gang.”

C. Joenson

“Every time I go to the free meditation class with Kaare, there is a simple, warm and peaceful atmosphere of understanding and openness in the room. Anyone can join the class – with og without practice – and leave feeling at peace and maybe also feeling a inner playfulness towards life. Give it a try – I recommend  🙂 I also went on 2 meditations treks in the Himalayas with him and a group.”

I.M. Thorlacius

Berigende. Meditationen lærer mig at lytte til mig selv, og dermed at blive mere opmærksom på hvilke følelser jeg har, og gennem meditationen få tiden og roen til at fundere over dem. Alle følelser er tilladte, og interessante, og kan lære mig noget væsentligt om mig selv. Det bedste er, at jeg forstå, at alt i verden er foranderligt. Derfor er det vigtigt også at forstå og fokusere på hvad jeg er. Jeg er der altid for mig. Jeg er det eneste konstante i mit liv. Vigtig viden, i forsøget på at være og være veltilpas.

S. Schyberg

I have been meditating with Vijay every week for a year now, and it has brought about a huge change in my understanding of myself, my mind, and my physical form. He has been present offering guidance to throw light on the questions I faced, as I started to look at life with more freedom and ease. A greater clarity and simplicity set in as you learn to observe yourself, and act with awareness.

Dr. Dedhiya

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is living with a powerful mind awareness, fear, and harsh structure of compulsive rituals to control that. I experience being trapped, my mind supports me and at the same time rules me. The suffering is immense, as one feels forced and obliged to conduct rituals in order to gain control over intrusive thoughts. Simple things become very difficult and challenging to do. Life feels narrower and confined. The meditation does not aim to a cure the OCD, it is a helping and supporting tool to live with it.

For me guided mediation is a spiritual practice as it allows me to observe and experience my spirit rather than my mind. I am learning how to use awareness as a tool in very difficult and challenging moments.

Uzi H

His classes helps you to realise that you can meditate anywhere, it’s not limited to sitting in a hermitage secluded from the world, rather, to close your eyes, focus on your breath and simply observe id the most natural thing for us to do as human beings.

Knowing my interest in reading, he has also encouraged me to read about Advait/ Nondual philosophy.

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