People’s Experiences

Meditating with Vijay is really simple, and the teaching is direct. He makes you feel at ease, walks with you, and gently guides you. Through it all he empowers you to step out of your mind’s storm by asking you to simply watch it from the outside.

Dr Rina Dedhiya

I have been meditating with Vijay every week for a year now, and it has brought about a huge change in my understanding of myself, my mind, and my physical form. He has been present offering guidance to throw light on the questions I faced, as I started to look at life with more freedom and ease. A greater clarity and simplicity set in as you learn to observe yourself, and act with awareness.

His classes helps you to realise that you can meditate anywhere, it’s not limited to sitting in a hermitage secluded from the world, rather, to close your eyes, focus on your breath and simply observe id the most natural thing for us to do as human beings.

Knowing my interest in reading, he has also encouraged me to read about Advait/ Nondual philosophy.

Dr.Rina Dedhiya