Free Online Meditation Classes

” Do not be that which is understood, nor the one who understands. Abandon all concepts and remain what you are”

Yog Vashist



Guided Immersive Meditation Classes with Pranayam and Self-Inquiry.

Participation is free.

Every Thursday at 11 am

Every Sunday at 2 pm

No experience needed.

Facilitated by Kåre Troelsen, IMI Certified Meditation and Yog Philosophy teacher.

Use link to Facebook to see how to register

What will we do during the class?

Guided meditation: Through using a variety of techniques we observe and disengage from the senses, mind and ego. Seeing them settle is the beggining of a new understanding.

Breathing exercises / Pranayam: Through work with the body’s more subtle energy patterns we are able to finetune our perception to observe the still background of everything in ourselves.

Talks and questions about meditation, freedom and consciousness; method, obstacles, concepts and results. We use the still and balanced awareness as a tool for observation.