Free In Person Meditation Class

May 16, 2021 - 14:00

Free In Person Guided Meditation. No experience needed.

Sundays at 2 -3 pm

Afterwards open forum talks
Free events.

Weekly classes by Kaare Troelsen,
IMI Certified Meditation and Yog Philosophy teacher.

Guided meditation: We rediscover and strengthen the awareness of deep peace and stillness that is always in and around us.

Breathing exercises / Pranayam: We create balance through work with the body’s more subtle energy patterns.

Talks and questions about meditation, freedom and consciousness; method, obstacles, concepts and results.


About Kåre Troelsen (Vijay Shyam)

Certified and experienced meditation and philosophy teacher. He has trained intensively at the International Meditation Institute in Kullu in the Indian Himalayas, where he has studied for 10 years with a yogic master. He has visited India frequently over the last 30 years, also studying Buddhism and living in Egypt he studied also Sufism. Furthermore, he is a seasoned therapist, writer and takes groups for hiking and meditation retreats in the Himalayas on Unplugged Trails.

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