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I am free from such attributes as, I am religious or I am sinful, I am bound or I am liberated. I am the nature of liberation or freedom, without the mistake of thinking I am this, or I am that”.

Avadhoot Gita of Dattatrey


7-9 pm

SoundStillness by Jakob Weise and Kaare Troelsen


Yoga Flat

Christianshavns Torv 2
1410 Copenhagen

What will happen?

Immersion in a dynamics co-creative flow of awareness.

Discover the peaceful simplicity within yourself.

Sound, meditation and self inquiry are used to move beyond mind and language. In this way, the possibility for clarity and insight naturally arises and a space where we jointly step back to examine the human conditions opens up.

The aim of Soundstillness is to approach an understanding of what freedom and peace is, and where it exists.

SoundStillness is a dynamic space without prejudices where we work and support each other towards a deeper understanding of who we are and what consciousness is.

Kåre Troelsen (Vijay Shyam)

Certified and experienced meditation and philosophy teacher. He has trained intensively at the International Meditation Institute in Kullu in the Indian Himalayas, where he has studied for 10 years with a yogic master. He has visited India frequently over the last 30 years, also studying Buddhism and living in Egypt he studied Sufism. Furthermore, he is a seasoned therapistwriter and takes groups for hiking and meditation retreats in the Himalayas on Unplugged Trails.

Jakob Weise

Musician by heart. Has been involved professionally in the music business as a singer and a songwriter for over 20 years. Now studying meditation, Indian philosophy, mantra music and traditional kirtan with different teachers in both India and Denmark.

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