Single Events

I am free from such attributes as, I am religious or I am sinful, I am bound or I am liberated. I am the nature of liberation or freedom, without the mistake of thinking I am this, or I am that”.

Avadhoot Gita of Dattatrey

Kirtan og Meditations Flow 30.9 kl. 19-21

Oplev kraften ved at fordybe dig i et dynamisk flow af guidet meditation og meditativ sang med Anabella Novalee og Kåre Troelsen (Vijay Shyam).

Flow of Sound and Silence

Sammen skaber vi et rum hvor du bliver guidet til at slippe tanken og tiden. Du kan give dig hen til et flow af mantrasang og forbindelse til indre stilhed, hvor indsigter kommer af sig selv.

Anaballe Novalee

Arbejder til dagligt som Psykospirituel Vejleder, Healer og meditationslærer.

Pris 80 kr. book en plads på tlf eller ved forudbetaling med MobilPay på: 40735334

Begrænsede pladser: max 10 personer

Adresse: Adresse Annekset 49A H.C Ørstedsvej 49A Frederiksberg

An Afternoon of Silent Walking and Meditation ( free)

26th September 11 am-3 pm. see and share facebook event

+ 24th October 11 am-3 pm. see and share facebook event


An afternoon of silent walking/ hiking, meditation and sharing insights around Farum lake (10 km).

We begin at 11 at Farum boat rental (500 m from Farum station). First two hours will be in silence. At lunch we will have a sitting meditation.

Book seat by sms to 50481936

see map

We will hike cross country off path in hilly/muddy terrain. Wear good shoes, walking sticks if needed and practical outdoor clothing. Back at at station around 3 pm. Bring lunch and water.

Participation is free. register on 50481936

Free Guided meditation and a short talk about Non-Dual philosophy.

Friday 16. October. Nicolai. Kolding. 19-20.30

What is Freedom?

Learn to observe your mind. Ground yourself in a place of stillness and clarity. Centre within.

(in English or Danish, depending on participants)

Time 19-20.30

Participation is free

Venue: Nicolai Studiet. Skolegade 2A, 2. floor. 6000 Kolding

Booking seats: To secure a free seat. please sms Vijay on 50481936. Please remember to cancel in case you can not come.

Hosted by TEAK

BONUS: Join full day retreat Saturday 17.10 (see details below)

Video Satsang

11.October, at 3.30 pm Video Satsang (free)

+ 13. December, at 3.30 pm Video Satsang (free)

Video satsang with my teacher Swami Shyam, a 50 min talk about consciousness, freedom and oneness

There will be a short intro to the philosophy of the talk first.

Register for the event by sms to 50481936

Grønnegårdsklinikken, Stevnsgade 5, sttv. 2200 Kbh N.

Also join 2pm meditation before film, book seat on 50481936

(in English or Danish, depending on participants)

Saturday 17. October Kolding

Connect to the Source with SoulStillness.

One -day retreat. 10-16

This indepth meditation retreat hosted by Rajinder Pal Singh and taught by Kaare Troelsen (Vijay Shyam) will focus on how to acquire tools for dealing with an overactive mind. How to develop the ability to become the observer of thoughts and emotions. How to find peace.

Connect to the Source

Through a variety of focus exercises, breathing techniques, visualisations, and awareness building meditation, we will work step by step to establish an inner place of trust, stillness, clarity and peace.
From this place of clarity a new understanding of your mind and emotions will unfold.

(in English or danish, depending on participants)

Address : Co Rajinder Pal Singh, Frejasvej 9, 6000 Kolding

Price & Payment: 350 kr per person (incl tea, coffee and snacks). To secure at seat, please sms Vijay on 50481936 to receive a payment link.

Cancelation & Refund: Full refund by sms cancelation on 50481936 up to 48 hrs before event start, 50% refund by cancelation after that.


Saturday 10-16



A short talk about meditation. Learning practical tools for grounding. as well as subtler tools for centering.


13-14 Lunch (please bring your own lunch))

14-15.30 Methods empowering you to reach deeper levels of observation of consciousness.

15.30-16 Final deep meditation